CK8.0 Curses Tcl Toolkit
Tcl Powered   Starting in late 1995 I ported the Tk toolkit (see to character mode using XPG4 curses. I called this thing CK[48]\.[0-4]. Since then it was used in various projects with Tcl 7.[45] and Tcl 8.[0-5] on UN*X platforms.

The goal was to have a toolkit for alphanumeric terminals with Tk semantics. This was reached except for the canvas widget and embedded windows in text widgets. But: I gave up 100% Tk source code compatibility in favor of better terminal control (e.g. character attributes), for more information see the options(n) and curses(n) manual pages.

Since June 2004 support for Unicode/UTF-8 is provided when Tcl versions greater than 8.0 are used and the curses library has support for wide characters (ncurses 5.3 or better).

Download   Source code (tar.gz about 394 kByte) or source RPM (about 399 kByte)

OLD! Manual pages as single PDF file (about 320 kByte)
Supported platforms  
  • Linux
  • AIX
  • HP-UX
  • DEC Unix
  • SCO OpenServer
  • FreeBSD
  • Win32 (Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0)


Licensing   CK8.0 is distributed under the same terms as Tcl/Tk, see license.terms.
Last update 2011-07-22