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SQLiteODBC Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
b2xy_cursorStructure to describe a cursor in the virtual table
b2xy_tableStructure to describe a virtual table
BINDCOLInternal structure for bound column (SQLBindCol)
BINDPARMInternal structure for bound parameter (SQLBindParameter)
COLInternal structure to describe a column in a result set
csv_cursorStructure to describe CSV virtual table cursor
csv_fileStructure to implement CSV file handle
csv_guess_fmtInfo to guess CSV layout
csv_vtabStructure to describe a CSV virtual table
dbcDriver internal structure for database connection (HDBC)
dstrInternal structure representing dynamic strings
DUMP_DATAStructure for dump callback
ENVDriver internal structure for environment (HENV)
json_pfsJSON output helper structure
path_aggctxInternal aggregate context for path/polyline function
rownumber_ctxSQLite context structure for "rownumber" function
stmtDriver internal structure representing SQL statement (HSTMT)
strbufInternal dynamic string buffer
tblresInternal structure for managing driver's sqlite3_get_table() implementation
XCSRStructure to describe virtual table cursor
XDOCStructure to cache XML document
XEXPStructure to describe XPath expression
XMODStructure holding per module/database data
XTABStructure to describe virtual table
zip_cursorStructure to describe ZIP virtual table cursor
zip_fileStructure to implement ZIP file handle
zip_vtabStructure to describe a ZIP virtual table

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